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All the hard work of musical high school students will again come marching in for all to see during an upcoming festival that brings bands to …

Imagine the sight of one marching band after the other taking their routines right through the middle of Pauls Valley’s big community festival.

With the football season underway there’s some in Pauls Valley now working to be ready for a Boomer Sooner kind of visit.

It’s a regular thing for one Pauls Valley community group to get lawmakers in for a visit a couple of get-togethers each year.

Questioning how tourism fits in is why a Pauls Valley city board is saying no to funding a special musical event coming to Pauls Valley later …

The march keeps right on going for some high school musicians who add a real flavor to what’s become a big festival in Pauls Valley.

This is a different kind of marching as for the third straight year an elite drum corps group is making a stop in Pauls Valley.