The pitch appears down the middle of the plate for a committee overseeing Pauls Valley’s growing youth sports programs as the group has become an official advisory board for the local city council.

Given the OK during a council meeting Tuesday night was an ordinance that formally establishes a recreation board made up volunteers assigned the task of continuing what they’ve been doing for some time now — working to maintain and even expand a variety of youth sports activities offered here.

Working the last few weeks on the new ordinance, which is required for the creation of any municipal advisory board, has been PV’s city attorney, Jay Carlton, and council member Gary Alfred.

“We’re looking at bringing some kind of structure to it and have someone to take care of the problems,” Alfred said.

“We need an organized board representing the city of Pauls Valley that has some guidelines.”

The current youth board has been in place since 2004 in an unofficial capacity.

It was formed to oversee the local baseball, T-ball and softball leagues.

During that time the entire effort was totally led by volunteers who worked with Jennifer Samford, PV’s parks and recreation director.

With extensive rules established for the leagues at that time, the overall recreation program has grown to add youth league football, basketball and cheerleading.

Although the ordinance is now in place no decision has yet been made on the youth board already in place, which includes five members.

“More than likely it will be the same board,” Alfred said.

The council also agreed with a suggestion to build in some flexibility when it comes to where those board members will live.

The ordinance initially indicated all members must live in the Pauls Valley zip code area. That was adjusted to allow for no more than one member to live outside the area.

All the board members will be determined by the mayor and approved by the council as a whole.

During Tuesday’s meeting questions were also addressed on the proper purchasing procedures and a budget for the youth sports.

“You don’t have any control over the budgetary affairs of the city,” City Manager James Frizell said to current youth board members.

“No boards have that. No boards can authorize expenditures,” he said.

After the ordinance was approved by a 4-0 vote Alfred made it clear he wants to work with the now official board to start planning for some future recreation improvements.

“One of the first things that board needs to do is make a list of improvements and prioritize that list,” he said.

Alfred also suggested some of those recreation upgrades could possibly receive some funding from a local tourism tax.

“That’s something that needs to be brought up to speed real quick.”

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