Breakfast (Grade School): French toast, toast, jelly.

Breakfast (High School): Breakfast bar.

Lunch: Pizza, green beans, tossed salad, orange smile.


Breakfast (GS): Sausage biscuit, gravy.

Breakfast (HS): Pancake on a stick, syrup.

Lunch: Chicken and cheese crispitos, corn, tossed salad, roll, pineapple.


Breakfast (GS): Scrambled eggs, toast, jelly.

Breakfast (HS): Breakfast pizza.

Lunch: Beef vegetable stew, pickle spear, cornbread, apricot cobbler.


Breakfast (GS): Chocolate chip muffin.

Breakfast (HS): Chocolate chip muffin.

Lunch: Tacos with meat and cheese, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato, cinnamon roll.


Breakfast (GS): Pancake on a stick, syrup.

Breakfast (HS): Sausage and biscuit.

Lunch: Corn dog, baked beans, tossed salad, pears.

Most school breakfasts served with juice and milk. Most school lunches served with milk.

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